School Profile

Our founders recognized the importance of educating the girl child in a newly independent India when the female literacy rate was 8.9% and ‘women empowerment’ and ‘gender equality’ were terms unheard of. And so it was that Lady Vissanji Girls Academy was born in 1963. From a modest beginning it has traversed five decades and emerged as a co-educational institution, Lady Ratanbai & Sir Mathuradas Vissanji Academy. The institution has distinguished itself upon the achievement of each milestone with fortitude and a vision firmly grounded in benefiting society at large.

The well-laid ICSE curriculum along with an excellent combination of co-curricular activities and physical education motivates and encourages the students to emerge successful and significant members of the society. The dedicated faculty at Vissanji Academy invests unswerving and systematic efforts towards achieving excellence and individuality in their students. Here, students are trained to realize that, superlative performance is a result of relentless application!

Vissanji Academy takes pride on being of the league of those institutions that offer much more than education, thus guiding young individuals to pave the way for a progressive and ambitious society.