Assessment Process

Std. I to VIII

A Comprehensive and Continuous System of Evaluation (CCE) as prescribed by the Department of Education is followed which will cover the Formative and Summative Evaluation. For Std | to VII, Grades will be awarded and for Std VIII to X, marks will be awarded. A detailed description of assessment pattern will be given during the parent orientation.

Std. IX and X

Mid-Term Unit Tests and Internal Assessments will be conducted as per the I.C.S.E. Board requirements. Summative Assessments will be held at the end of each term and any other assessment, as per the directives received from the Council, from time to time.

Note For Std. I to VIII
  • Std. III to VIII will have Mid-Term Unit Tests
Note For Std. IX and X
  • Passing in English is compulsory for all students as per the Council’s rules.
  • Consistent neglect of any subject will not be condoned.
  • The results, once declared, are final and indisputable.
  • A student who uses unfair means and/or receives or assists a fellow student in test/assessments will be awarded a ‘zero’ in that subject and/or will be debarred from appearing in subsequent exams. The same may also result in further penalty.
  • Students will leave early only after the Summative Assessments. They will attend all the classes of regular school on days of Formative, Unit and smaller tests.