Rules of Conduct

01. All students must come to School regularly, punctually and neatly dressed in proper school uniform (Refer Page No. 7 and 20).

02. Students should bring the School Diary, required text books, notebooks/ notepads and other school related material every day.

03. Maintain and bring all text books and note books/sheets that are required in school. Students will not be permitted to borrow or call for the same during school hours. No books (other than textbooks prescribed by the school notebooks or library books), magazine or papers not related to the school may be brought to school.

04. Books and other belongings should be neatly labeled with the Name, Standard, Division and Roll No. Students must take care of their own belongings. The School will not be responsible for the loss of any valuable or other articles belonging to the students.

05. Students should use English as the medium of conversation in the school premises and outside with the exception of Hindi and Marathi periods.

06. Be attentive and well behaved at all times.

07. Disruptive behaviour in class, Library, School grounds or bus is not acceptable.

08. Do not miss school/class/training except for medical reasons.

09. Complete all home assignments in time.

10. No student will be permitted to leave school during school hours (including recess) except in case of an emergency or illness and with the written permission of the Head.

11. Leave for participation, acting in any T.V. serial, programmes or advertisement without the permission of the school is strictly prohibited.

12. Students who are likely to return home late from school on any particular day must inform their parents in advance.

13. Students will not be exempted from Physical Education or other activities without the permission of the Head. Exemption will not be granted unless there is a valid reason. If exemption is sought on medical grounds a doctor's certificate must be submitted.

15. Students are not permitted to celebrate their birthdays in school except by way of distribution of confectionary and other like items in their respective class. However care should be taken to ensure that wrappers are not strewn around in the school premises. Students upto Std. 5 are permitted to wear a dress of their choice on their birthday.

16. Students must keep the school premises and grounds free of litter. Students must make it a practice to pick up food and other items that they have dropped in and outside the classrooms and on the school ground.

17. Utmost care must be taken of all school property. Willful damage to desks/ chairs/ lockers other school furniture and equipment, writing or drawing on the walls or damage to articles belonging to the school or other will invite disciplinary measures. Students who notice any damage to school property, within or outside their class are expected to report the same to the school office at the earliest.

18. Cash should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged.

19. Students are advised and should be instructed by their parents not to buy food items and drinks from street vendors.

20. Chewing gum and similar items are strictly forbidden.

21. The following are not permitted:

  • bringing crackers, explosives and other dangerous material to school. Disciplinary action will be taken against such offenders.
  • wearing or carrying ornaments and valuable articles such as jewellery, cellphones, and other electronic gadgets to school. The school is not responsible for loss of articles or money. Prohibited articles are liable to be confiscated.
  • posting inappropriate comments/ pictures about their teachers, peers/ school on social networking sites. Any contravention will invite strict disciplinary action.

22. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student whose conduct is harmful to other students. Immorality, indiscipline, irregular attendance, continued neglect of studies, disobedience, insubordination, contempt of authority or willful damage to property is a sufficient reason for dismissal. The decision of the Head shall be binding on all concerned.