Fee Schedule

Fees are payable in 3 installments, the dates are:
1st Installment 4th March, 2023 to 15th March, 2023
2nd Installment 1st July, 2023 to 10th July, 2023
3rd Installment 1st November, 2023 to 10th November, 2023

Fees for the entire year can be paid in advance if desired. Please note, non payment of fees after the dates mentioned above will attract late charge as follows:

Payment overdue for up to 10 days: ₹ 50 per day of delay
Payment overdue for 11 to 45 days: ₹ 100 per day of delay

Admission fee is to be paid only by new entrants and students of Std 1 and 5
The school will be at liberty to strike off, from its rolls, the names of students whose fees are overdue for more than 45 days.

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