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School Anthem

Morning Prayer

Every morning, when the day's begun
I thank my God for all He has done.
Every evening, as I sit to pray
I thank my God for another day.
Thank you for the Sun my God,
Thank you for the Moon,
Thank you for the days and nights
Mornings and afternoons.
Thank you for my companions God
Who cheer me when I'm down
Thank you for all people God
Wherever they are found.

School Song

Come children come out to learn,
Come with all your hearts to learn,
All that's true and noble and good,
All that's in your life you should,
Come with might, come with zeal,
To love your God and all you deal,
Come to learn and work and play,
That's how you'll be happy one day.
Loyal little academicians happy,
To our Lady and Sir Vissanji Academy.

Prayer Before Class

Eternal God, creator of all, we adore Thy divine majesty.
Teach us to respect our teachers and
Teach us to be kind and helpful to our companions.
We ask of Thee to enlighten our minds for
pursuing our studies diligently and to bless
our efforts with success.
Bestow on us Thy blessings and
keep us free from all danger,

Prayer After Class

School is over for today,
done our work and done our play,
as we close we come to say,
thank you Heavenly Father,
for this day,

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