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School Fee

  • Fees must be paid via Net Banking or NEFT
  • In case of withdrawal of admission for any reason, fee once paid is not refundable.
  • Any increase in fees will be notified.
  • Service Tax, if applicable will be charged additionally.

Recommendations to parents

  • Parents/ Guardians are requested to co-operate with and assist in moulding each child and help in matters relating to the overall development of their ward.
  • The School Diary is intended to provide information and ensure effective communication with the School.
  • Parents may communicate with the School either through the School Diary or mail to
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their ward observes all policies, Rules and Regulations of the School.
  • Use of cell phones and cameras are strictly prohibited in the school campus. Parents are expected to deposit their mobile phones/cameras in the Main School Office
  • Parents are expected to arrive school in appropriate attire to maintain the decorum of a scholastic institution. Visit to your child's school is a formal occasion. Attire should not be casual.

Parents are advised to

  • Peruse the School Diary daily.
  • Carry Parent Identity Card during all visits to School.
  • Read and Sign the information/remarks(if any) given by the teacher in the School Diary.
  • Thoroughly check the books and ensure that home assignments are completed.
  • Intimate any changes in address or contact details to the School. Communicate via School diary or email. Avoid phone calls except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Not communicate with their ward once he/ she is in the School.
  • Take prior permission, if the ward has to be taken home early.
  • Meet the School faculty and administrative staff by seeking a prior appointment (when required), except in case of emergency.
  • Not allow their child to bring large amount of cash and/or expensive articles to school.
  • Adhere to all Policies, Rules and Regulations of the School.

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