School Uniform

  • Students are expected to be dressed in clean, neat and tidy uniforms at all times. The School reserves the right to send home any student who does not meet its requirements in terms of dress and appearance.
  • Students must come in School uniform on all School days, Open House days, annual events and for the educational tours. Failure to comply with these rules may result in students being sent back home.
  • Parents are advised to keep at least 2 sets of uniform for each ward
  • The School Uniform has to be purchased from the authorized dealer 'Topsons Uniforms' only. Please note that no other agency has been given the right to make and sell our School Uniforms with monogram. Kindly contact the dealer for your requirements:
    Email ID-
  • School ID Card is complimentary. A sum of Rs. 150/- will be charged for a duplicate ID Card.
  • Raincoat for Monsoon: Colour: Blue /Black /Red
  • Shoe: All season black Velcro shoes
  • Sweater/ cardigan: Plain navy blue or black V or round neck.
  • Hair should not cover the forehead. Girls having long hair should plait (2 plaits) and tie it with black ribbons. For boys, hair should be cut well above the collar. Hair should not be coloured, tinted or highlighted.
  • Nails should always be kept clean and trimmed.
  • Henna (mehendi) and nail polish is not permitted. In case of violation of this rule, it is open to the School authorities to take such action as may be considered appropriate
  • Students are not permitted to wear religious thread, expensive jewellery, fancy watches, wristbands or similar accessories to School.

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